Technical Specifications:

The Good Health Machine

  • Input: Only pure distilled water 
  • Input: AC Power supply 220 -240V and 110 - 120V 50 - 60 Hz, please specify when you place the order.
  • Output: Hydrogen and Oxygen gas 
  • Productivity: 50 ml - 1250 ml per minute.
  • Dry weight 6.2 kg
  • Dimensions: H = 315 mm D 340 mm W = 320 mm with gas cleaner cup holders attached.
  • Case is constructed from steel
  • Electrolyzer unit is made of stainless steel
  • Electrolyte volume is 1500 ml

The machine uses 50 grams of 99% pure NaOH, sodium hydroxide as electrolyte to make the water conductive so that electricity can flow through the water, without the electrolyte the machine would not produce gas.



Low liquid level shutoff: The Good Health Machine has a low water level switch to automatically shut off the machine if the liquid level gets low.

High liquid level shutoff: If you overfill the machine, it will not start, this is to prevent excessive electrolyte contaminating the gas cleaner cups.

Over pressure safety: Redundant 3 psi mechanical over-pressure gas relief. Low pressure increases the safety. 

Anti-Backfill: The Good Health Machine has an anti-backfill feature that will reliably prevent the water in the gas filter cups from getting sucked back into the electrolyzer upon shutdown and cool-down when the hot gasses inside the electrolyzer contract and create a suction.

Adjustable gas volume: for safe optimization of gas volume for different applications

Gas cleaning: As the gas leaves the machine a little bit of  sodium hydroxide electrolyte will leave the machine along with the gas. It is of utmost importance to scrub out the electrolyte from the gas, therefore The Good Health Machine uses three gas cleaning bubbler cups. This is a very good feature, securing clean gas with no contamination of the electrolyte. Change water in the gas filter bubbler cups every 9 - 12 hours of use for optimal safety. Please always use distilled water in the cups.

Sight tube: The Good Health Machine is equipped with a  water level sight tube, beautifully illuminated with blue LED light. 

CE safety.


Comfort and Style

HHO Health is the only model of its kind that features a high quality touch screen for timer settings, gas volume settings and water level monitoring. 

All tubing is made of medical grade quality.

The HHO Health machine is painted inside and outside with a white high quality glossy two component paint often used for cars, made to last.

There is an extra water tank inside for added runtime and safety.

The cooling fan starts when the electrolyzer gets warm, the fan speed will gradually increase as the electrolyzer gets warmer. This gives you about 40 minutes of quiet no fan running if your power setting is at 40 - 50 %. A very nice feature!

Timer preset buttons for 10 min, 20 min, 30 min and 1 h, press the hour button repeatedly for your desired hours of operation.

The gas is exposed to healing red light 660 nm before it flows out of The Good Health Machine

Accessories included

  • HHO Health Operation Manual, we will send you all instructions when you purchase the machine. 
  • Three gas filter cups and cup holders with mounting screws.
  • Drinking water bubbler jar with a low pressure ceramic diffuser stone for making hydrogen-rich water. 
  • Nasal Cannula with a luer lock fitting.
  • Extension tube 6 feet long with luer lock fittings.
  • Soft silicone hydrogen Spot Applicator with a luer lock fitting.
  • Personal support to answer any questions.
  • Ready measured sodium hydroxide electrolyte, NaOH

How does the machine work?

Direct current electricity is applied to the stainless steel plates submerged in the water. The bond that holds hydrogen and oxygen together as H2O breaks so that hydrogen gas and oxygen gas is released from the water. 

This gas is often known as HHO gas, Oxyhydrogen, Browns Gas, Hydroxy, or Common Ducted Watergas.  

Fun fact, one liter of distilled water will split into 1860 liters of gas, containing 66.6% hydrogen and 33.3% oxygen.



      Before the gas leaves the machine it is activated with healing red light for your benefit  



Flood Your Body With Hydrogen!