HHO Health Accessories Bag
HHO Health

HHO Health Accessories Bag

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HHO Health Accessories Bag.

Keep all your accessories in one place, great for when you travel!

HHO Health Hat comes in one size fits all.

Our Accessories Bag includes the following items:

1. Adjustable elastic band for Hydrogen Arm Glove

2. HHO Health Gas and water separator

3. HHO Health Gas sprayer

4. Insufflation syringe

5. Insufflation catheter

6. HHO Health Hydrogen Goggles

7. HHO Health Hydrogen-rich water sprayer

8. HHO Health Spot applicator

9. Nose Canula

10. Electrolyte

11. HHO Health tennis shirt size M

12. HHO Health cap, one size fit all.

13. HHO Health Water Bubbling jar.

14. Connector tube for Water bubbling jars.

15. High quality, stainless steel micro bubbel stone.

16. Hydrogen Arm Glove